Pursuit & Evasion: How do you handle it?

A riff on some rules of pursuit and evasion as described by Courtney @ Hack & Slash:
All of this leads to the final factor, which is Pursuit.
Thankfully, because this was actually used in play, encountering something faster then you isn't instant death. You have an 80% chance to evade something chasing you.
-20% if they are faster
-50% if you're on a plain, desert, or open water
-30% during daylight.
This is such a universal aspect of D&D and all its offspring, and yet I've never seen it handled exactly the same way twice. How do you guys and gals adjudicate pursuits? Looking at Mr Campbell's list of adjustments, I think I might include advantages like flight (stirges, ghosts, night-gaunts, etc) and familiarity with the terrain.


Article on the talking mongoose "Gef" at Fortean Times

Christopher Josiffe's article is well-researched and worth checking out. I first encountered old Gef in Colin Wilson's Poltergeist!: A Study in Destructive Haunting (1981). While Josiffe does nothing to cure Wilson's account's open-endedness, it manages to cast further doubt on the true nature of what went on with the Irvings at Doarlish Cashen.

Voirrey Irving
Doarlish Cashen (Isle of Man) in the 1930s


Original D&D Character Record Sheet

I couldn't find a nice high-res version of this particular design, so I made a facsimile. Enjoy!

Print on 8.5x11 sheet, then turn paper over and print again. Makes two 5-ish by 8-ish sheets.


An unsolicited, unofficial cover for Jeff Rient's Miscellaneum of Cinder

Been printing up a few booklets today and thought Jeff's awesome book o' tables needed a face-lift.

(Sorry, Jeff!)

Back & Front

Picture Show I


"Towers of Pan Leng" | Howardo-Lovecraftian campaign ideas

Towers of Pan Leng (setting)
Located on the southern shores of Mu

Illus. by Mike Franchina
  • Mu is a continent east of the Long Sea
  • it is mountainous with an equatorial climate
  • Human civilization has receded to the eastern end of the continent (called Lemuria) after a series of natural disasters
  • Pan Leng was evacuated centuries before during a series of volcanic eruptions that transformed the west into a wasteland of stagnant swamps and fungus-crusted trees
  • the city was once inhabited by a cyclopean race called the Nacaali who bred humans as slave stock
  • the Eye Lords worshiped the Old Ones called Nug and Yeb and made many offerings to the Twin Obscenities
  • human females offered as tribute to Nug and Yeb mothered the tcho-tcho, a hybrid race of monsters who dwell in dank caverns beneath the surface, sometimes in cave-mouths located in remote areas
  • other monsters: ape-men, phantoms, fungus-pigs, fish-men
  • the towers of pan leng are situated on the southern coast
  • each is dedicated to a different Old One -- Nug, Yeb and their various cohort-deities
  • the city of Pan Leng was erected near the towers (much older structures)


Conan by Bruce Timm

Oh, to visit an alternate reality wherein Bruce Timm [of Batman the Animated Series fame] had an animated Conan show on HBO.


Howardo-Lovecraftian (adj.)
Resembling Robert E. Howard's Hyborian Age setting and tropes (e.g. barbarians, fantasy Medievalism, evil sorcerers, hack-and-slash) mingled with H. P. Lovecraft's mythopoeic obsessions (e.g. alien gods, psychic disturbances, esoteric lore, rituals, grimoires, grotesquery).

Howardo-Lovecraftian (Bruce Timm)

Eldritch Compendium I

Concept: A pamphlet style supplement to OD&D et al that presents a number of discrete elements that would work in a campaign with a Robert E. Howard/H. P. Lovecraft kind of flavor. Possible features:
  • The Cultist [class] -- A servant of a particular Old One. Access to occult knowledge and rites. Psychic abilities develop with experience.
  • Rules for phantoms and interdimensional shamblers.
  • Random buxom wench generation. (Arduin-esque? Random bust-size table?)
  • Rules for tentacles in combat.
  • Random Old One generation.
  • Model of a Howardo-Lovecraftian campaign.

Cover mock-up. Flipped this classic Frazetta image so that it more closely resembles the cover to Eldritch Wizardry: