Gygaxian Star Wars: Too Sexy to Not Be Kinda Real

So Dra8er -- who commented on that review from the other day -- successfully disbelieved my illusion. Right now Gygaxian Star Wars is just a sheaf of notes and a sweet cover. I can't say when you will hold it in your hands, but hope springs eternal, right? If you've followed Gorgonmilk for any length of time you've probably become aware of my seriously serious case of Game Designer ADD. Sadly there are no commercially available meds to treat this disease at present, but I hear good things from my contacts at Merck.

Right now GSW is one among a handful of open-ended, deadline-less projects that must/will be completed. If you'd like to hound me personally -- or better yet offer support, encouragement and creative nudges -- feel free to drop me a line: flowthrake AT gmail DOT com


REVIEW: Star Wars, the Gygaxian RPG

Back/Front Cover
Name: Star Wars: The Gygaxian Role-Playing Game [GL1]
Publisher: Kenobi Analog Games
Author: Anonymous
Category: RPG
Cost: $0
Format: 8" x 5 3/4" booklet
Pages: 32
Year: 2012?
Initial impression: This is basic D&D with light sabres! 

At 32 pages this booklet is by no means an exhaustive foray into the world(s) of Star Wars. In fact, it provides just enough nuts and bolts to run the game, leaving lots of room for the referee to develop, expand, and explore. Six races (including droids) and five classes are offered up in the first section. Later sections are devoted to the Force, some technologies useful to adventurer types (including weapons), space craft, and finally some pages about alien beasts. Interestingly, that last section looks to the Traveller RPG for inspiration. Beasts fall under general categories like "Large Land Predator" and "Small Flying Herbivore" (which makes sense considering the vastness of the setting).

Overall a tantalizing little booklet that is quite different than previously published Star Wars games. Looking forward to running a scenario with it next weekend!


Music Video: "Fantasy" by DyE [NSFW]

Tigersushi and Excuse My French are pleased to present the new video for DyE's new single, Fantasy. Directed by animation wunderkind Jérémie Périn, the video tells the story of a group of highschool kids ready for teenage mischief. They break into the local swimming pool intending a session of innocent nightswimming, in an awkward climate of romance and apprehension. What happens next is for you to discover here. 


Catwoman Revisited

While there is a lot to admire about Christopher Nolan's take on the Batman mythos, I'm not sure I'm really digging on his choice for Catwoman this time around in Dark Knight Rises. (Never mind that Michael Keaton made a more convincing and enigmatic Bruce Wayne/Batman than that Christian Bale guy.)

Still of Catwoman from the recent DC animated short

Catwoman and Harley Quinn (artist unknown)

Adam Hughes' Catwoman

(Artist unknown)

Another Hughes Catwoman