AVAILABLE NOW: Wormskin #6

Steamrolling the competition into a few #1 spots at RPGNow! Excelsior!
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  • The sixteen Lords and Ladies of Fairy who concern themselves with the mortal realm of Dolmenwood.
  • The Brackenwold calendar.
  • Descriptions of seven hexes around the town of Prigwort, in central Dolmenwood.
  • The most important people and places of Prigwort.
  • Spirituous beverages generator.
  • The Baker's Dozen: an adventure locale involving an enchanted bakery and its thirteen inhabitants.
  • The Gingerbread Grimoire: four spells of yeast and spice.
  • Monsters of the Wood: kelpie, black bile wyrm, phlegm wyrm, blood wyrm, yellow bile wyrm.

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  1. Have you issued a limited features players' map for Dolmenwood? Just wondering. Probably best to let them cobble their own from rumours. Also, are you up to receiving submissions, subject to rejecting them if not in keeping?